Sink's Political Committee

Alex Sink has signed papers to start a 527 (committee) to solitcit contributions and manage a political committee called, "Hold Them Accountable Inc.", according to state records. Sink has stated that contributions will be transparent.

Sink spokewoman Kyra Jennings said, "the campaign has followed the rules".

Sink's campaign attorney, Ron Meyer of Tallahassee, established the committee, August 16, 2010 two days after getting the first check, a $500 donation from Sink's finance chairman Richard Swann.

Liana Fox, a long time friend of the Sink family is listed as the chairwoman.

Joe Kilden, a spokesman for Rick Scott said, "Sink tried to hide the existence of her 527 the press, and from Bud Chiles.

What a ridiculous statement by Kilden. The 527 is public record.

Scott created a similar 527 in June called, "Leet's Get to Work". It paid for more than $10 million in television advertisements in Scott's contest with Bill McCollum.

Scott's money ($12.6 million) came from a variety of special interests.

A second account of cash is available to Sink - taxpayer money available through the public financing system.

Sink could have received more assistance after Scott broke the $24 million campaign spending limit, but Scott's campaign is asking a federal judge in Tallahassee to block Sink from getting a dollar-for-dollar match on spending above the cap. Scott is likely to prevail because a federal appellate court issued a temporary order in July to keep McCollum from getting the extra cash, saying it violated Scott's free speech rights.

Sink's campaign said it would not seek a permanent injunction against the so-called "millionaires' amendment".

Scott already seems corrupt, and he is not even governor yet. Can you imagine what would happen if he became governor. I dred to think about it.

And we can not forget the fraud he committed with his company.

Alex Sink for governor!

Frederick Bryant
September 15, 2010
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