Band member dies of heart attack on bus.

According to reports as of this date November 26, 2011, the autopsy points to signs of cardiac arrest as the cause of death.

Police said a band member whose name I will currently withhold, had been vomiting and complained he could not breathe. He died shortly afterward.

The band member died of cardiac arrest, as a result of horse-play.

The autopsy did not conclude hazing as the cause of death.

As a result, the state of Florida wants another autopsy. The state of Florida wants the examiners to conclude that hazing was the cause of death.

The state of Florida will not be satisfied until the examiners conclude that hazing was the cause of death

The state of Florida, the same state government that has continually degraded FAMU wants another autopsy. An autopsy that would conclude what state administrators want it to conclude.

The autopsy did not show hazing as a cause of death, but now the term hazing is being thrown around the examiners, and now another examination is being sought by the state of Florida, Rick Scott, and Jeb Bush.

Frederick Bryant
November 27, 2011