Obama has more donors

Barack Obama has outraised John McCain in Florida by $339,000 with half as many big money donors.

Barack Obama edge comes from a great number of small donors. McCain has received his funds from a smaller number of contributors, which means Obama has more votes in Florida. More people more votes. Equaling a victory in Florida for Barack Obama. Of course it doesn't really equal a win for Obama, because as we all know George W. Bush and the Republican Party are quite capable of stealing an election as it did in the first George W. Bush election, as well as the second George W. Bush election. The Republican Party machine has technicians who can control the count in any state or states. The Republican Party even had practice during the Democratic Party primary. It seems as if the Republican Party is poised to steal another election.

Let's take a good look a what's going on. The only way McCain can win the upcoming presidential election is by cheating.

Another thing I have noticed is how the Republican Party controls the media. The media bosses have a closer association with the Republican Party, and therefore does its reporting with its propaganda favoring the Republican Party.

Not only does the Republican rule through its association with the rich, it also rules through intimidation. If you don't go along with the program, then beware.

I am a teacher in Florida, or should I say, I was a teacher in Florida. With all of the cuts aimed at me, no telling what's going to happen. Ahhhhh, repercussions, not freedom of speech.

Frederick Bryant
July 17, 2008
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