United States District Court
Southern District of Florida


Case Number: 11-22654-CV-Martinez/McAliley


Frederick Bryant



United States of America
State of Florida
Miami Dade County Public Schools



I, Frederick Bryant, plaintiff in the above styled cause, sue defendants: U.S. States of America; State of Florida; and Miami Dade County Public Schools.

This action is being filed under; Amendment XV of the U.S. Constitution.

July 25, 2011

Respectfully Submitted,

Frederick Bryant
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United States District Court
Southern District of Florida


Case Number: 11-22654-CV-Martinez/McAliley

Frederick Bryant


United States of America
State of Florida
Dade County Public Schools


I, Frederick Bryant, am filing this complaint in the name of the United States Constitution. I am claiming that Amendment XV of the United States Constitution was violated during the Congressional elections of 2010. I declare that the current Republican Party majority of the U.S. House of Representatives is a result of fraud.

I am requesting restitution to me in the form of $1 million

I declare also that the many democratic party U.S. Senate candidates lost elections because of fraud. The democratic party membership, and the republican party membership of the U.S. Senate is as close as it is because of fraud. Those who committed fraud allowed the Democratic Party to keep the majority, albeit slightly.

I guess one way to explain it is to bring to mind what occurred in the Al Gore/George W. Bush election of 2000, when it was reported that Al Gore had won the election, then suddenly, Florida was taken away from him. Al Gore went on to sue, under the pretense of hanging chads. That turnaround was not about hanging chads, but it was about fraud. Not only did the Republicans steal Florida, but a number of other states as well. The Democratic Party needs to wake up.

It was amazing that a camera man interviewed George W. Bush in his hotel room that night, and Bush went on to say that the count of Florida was wrong. In his suit, Al Gore should not have claimed hanging chads, but should have claimed fraud. Maybe he thought he had a better chance at claiming hanging chads, but as he should now realize that route was to no avail. He should have claimed fraud, and one of the questions should have been; who was that cameraman?

What Gore's flawed suit allowed was for fraudulent elections to continue throughout the United States of America. And the same people who committed fraud then are the same people who commit fraud now.

I declare that John Ellis Bush is a perpetrator of fraudulent elections in the United States of America. Consequently the Republicans in the House of Representatives and in the U.S. Senate owe their allegiance to John Ellis Bush and his policies. And that is why the Republican members of Congress stick together. They owe their allegiance to John Ellis Bush, and also they know the benefits of adhering to the Bush policies. The major benefit is to be fraudulently elected when otherwise in a true election the opposite would be the case. When the members of the Republican Party know they can be fraudulently elected, they can institute whatever policies they desire, even bad policy, knowing they can still be elected albeit fraudulently. Consequently there is a fraudulent United States House of Representatives in particular, and a U.S. Senate that should have a greater Democratic Party majority, except for fraud.

A special note to you, Senator Bill Nelson. Beware of a fraudulent election in Florida.We know that you can not lose that election fairly, but you may lose it fraudulently.

As a result of the fraudulent U.S. Congress, many illegal laws are passed.

I even hear that this Congress wants to pass a Constitutional Amendment for a balanced budget. Can you imagine that. This Congress with a Constitutional Amendment for a balanced budget. We already recognize that under this Congress, African Americans are unemployed disproportionately. We recognize that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. This Congress would only use a Constitutional Amendment to discriminate against African Americans and me in particular. Now we hear President Obama is being held hostage. The Republicans won't raise the debt ceiling unless the President agrees to pass a balance budget amendment.

The Republican Party members of Congress are actually intentionally creating this worldwide recession, and blaming it on President Obama. I would imagine that President realizes that the Republican Party members are intentionally creating this economic situation, but it seems as if he is helpless to do anything about it.

The Republicans claim that Social Security is going broke. I would think not. Actually Social Security funds are being used for other things.

Social Security funds are being used so that rich folks can get a tax break. I would like the Congress to give me every penny that I ever paid into Social Security, right now, then the Congress can stop the program. Of Course when Congress instituted a tax cut for the rich most of the members of Congress got a tax cut, while people like me got unemployed, pay cuts, and have to pay more into our pensions. Therefore, the rich got a tax, while in all actuality, I get paid less, if I get paid at all, which amounts to a tax increase. Not having a job at all is tantamount to a tax increase or even worst, for those who are unemployed are not able to pay taxes. People would rather have a job and pay more in taxes, than not have a job at all and get a tax cut. What's the use of getting a tax cut if you don't have a job. Besides the only people who are getting the benefits of a tax cut are the rich.

The Republicans claim they want to cut spending. They don't want to cut spending, they want to transfer spending that would equate to discrimination.

Money is being taken from public schools and given to private schools. Whatever you want to call the private schools. Even if the Republicans want to call those private schools, charter schools. Therefore the money is being transferred. There was even a report that public schools fared better than private on standardized tests here in Florida. But of course, Republicans are benefitting financially from the transfer of funds.

If the Republicans want to eliminate Social Security, they can do it today, and give me every penny I ever put into Social Security, and stop taking out money of my paycheck for Social Security. Or what the Republicans might plan is to eliminate the Social Security, but continue withdrawing Social Security funds from people's paycheck, and use it elsewhere under another name, which would amount to a tax increase. Well, the Republicans are already using Social Security funds to give a tax cut to the rich.

I hear the Republicans want to increase the age for those who qualify for Medicare. That amounts to a tax increase for the elderly. But the Republicans can give the rich a tax cut. The Republicans are intentionally creating a recession. All of the money is going to the rich, which and keeping the world in recession. Therefore, the elderly are receiving less care while gas companies are receiving more care. Republicans are diverting money from Medicare and giving it to the rich.

The Republicans claim that a tax cut for the rich will create more jobs. Well, haven't you all learned anything by now. Haven't you learn that hasn't worked. The Middle class and those in poverty are not getting a tax cut, only the rich are getting a tax. The congress and the rich are not affected by the hikes in gas prices because the tax cut that they received more than covers the increase in gas prices.

The Republican Party in Congress is intentionally creating job loss, inflation, and a hike in gas prices. The job loss created by the Republican Party is discriminatory. The Republicans are good at saying that spending needs to be cut, they make the cut, such as Social Security, or Medicare, or Medicaid, and then turn around and give the money to the rich, or to gas companies. Well actually, first, they give rich folks - which includes themselves or at least some of them - tax breaks, then the Republicans say, 'Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid need to be cut'. Therefore we, poor folks who are paying for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are paying for the rich to get a tax cut under the Republican plan to give tax breaks to the rich and eliminate Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

And of course, we all know who control gas prices; Republicans! I have heard Republicans say that off-shore drilling will decrease the price of gas. Well, I doubt that very seriously. The Republicans have gas prices where they want them. Well, excuse me, they actually want them higher. But of course the Republicans don't have to worry about a rise in gas prices, because the tax cut they gave themselves will take care of the rise in gas prices.

The Republicans claim they want to cut spending. What they actually are doing is transferring spending. Transferring spending from the poor to the rich. Transferring spending from education and giving the funds to oil companies. Cutting teachers and giving that money to oil companies. The Republicans talk about cutting spending. That's the same thing as cutting jobs.

I hear the Republicans want to raise the retirement age. Isn't that something. The Republicans want the elderly to work longer, or die before getting benefits, while at the same time increase funds to oil companies and allow rich folks to get the social money. If the rich folks paid more in taxes, they would still be rich. Do not raise the retirement age for the middle and the poor! Do not lessen my chances of me being able to receive Social Security before I die. Raising the age for retirement is a tax increase for those who did not benefit from the tax cut from the rich.

There has been a so called tax cut for the rich, or what some call an extension of the Bush tax cuts, or what some call the Obama tax cuts to the rich, at the expense of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Of course when Obama extended the tax cuts for the rich, he had good intentions. He intended to aid those who were receiving unemployment compensation. The Republicans wanted to extend tax cuts to themselves and the rich. And now the Republicans don't won't to extend unemployment compensation, but still want to extend the tax cuts to the rich.

The Republicans are always taking about a tax cut. Well who is getting the tax cut. The rich. Will I get a tax cut? If anything, with the Republicans giving rich folks a tax cut, I might get a job cut. With rich folks getting a tax cut, the elderly might get Social Security cut. With the rich folks getting a tax cut, Medicaid will be cut. With the rich folks getting a tax cut. As a matter of fact I would be willing to pay more in taxes to help my country. How much would my taxes increase? $200. Even $1,000. I would be willing to pay it. I would do it for my country. But the way the Republicans are doing it, we have job cuts, Social Social cuts, Medicare cuts, Medicaid cuts, housing cuts, and whatever other cuts that come along with their method. Their method is intentional discrimination.

I recall a few years ago, when Charlie Crist was Governor of Florida, and he proposed a tax cut. The issue was put on a ballot. Of course, a tax cut sounds good, but I knew that with the tax cut there would be job loss. Of course, the voters voted for a tax, and people lost jobs. A tax cut sounds good, but all that glitters aint gold. Just like I knew tax cuts would cost loss of jobs, Charlie Crist and the Republicans knew it. With tax cuts, there was job loss, and with job loss, there was house loss, as the housing market began to crash.

I am a teacher. Well, at least, I was a teacher. I don't know if I will have a teaching job next year. Republicans are discriminating against the teaching profession. Therefore, the Republicans are discriminating against me. Teachers are being laid off. Teachers are being belittled. Isn't that amazing. Teachers have taught soldiers. Teachers have taught members of congress, but I and the teaching profession are being discriminated against.

As a matter of fact, under the Republican budget plan, African Americans are disproportionately unemeployed.

I just want to add that I currently have a mortgage payment. And it's not the mortgage payment that's so difficult, but the insurance is more than the mortgage. And another thing, many teachers are losing jobs, and as a result, their homes.

Yes, the Republican Party is intentionally prolonging the recession and blaming it on Obama. It's part of their 2012 presidential strategy.

Ben Bernanke is a part of the problem. He is appeasing the Republican Party. If he really meant the economy good, he would talk about letting the tax breaks for the rich expire.; he would talk about eliminating tax breaks for oil companies; He would talk about eliminating tax breaks for companies that are not producing jobs. Monies that could be used to decrease the debt, and decreasing the debt would improve the economy. Doesn't he know that, or does he just want to do the will of the Republican Party; make the rich richer. Make the Republican Party coffers richer.The current policies of not touching such areas are intentional causes of this Republican created debt situation. There is a rervenue problem. More revenue would actually prevent job loss. More revenue would actually increase employment.

To: President Obama: I recall that at one point you even sought advice from President Emeritus William J. Clinton to approve your budget desire. For some reason Clinton went along with your plan, even though your plan called for the so called extension of the Bush tax cuts for the rich. And what happened? An extension of the recession. If Clinton really wanted to give you some good advice, he should have informed you that he did not have a surplus by giving the rich an exorbitant tax break. It seems that, all that needs to be done to get back to a surplus is to go back to the Clinton tax rates for the rich. Clinton was only trying to be nice to you by agreeing to extend the tax cuts for the rich, now look at the mess it got us into. Clinton's advice was the opposite of what he did in office.I understand Mr. Obama, that you were only trying to help those who were unemployed by extending unemployment benefits. Now we understand that Republicans want to end the extensions for unemployment compensation, but don't want to end the tax cut for the rich. I also understand Mr. President why you extended the tax cut for the rich. You were held hostage. The Republicans would not extend unemployment compensation unless you extended the tax cut for the rich.

Now the Republicans are holding United States Americans hostage.Some have said, "If the cut, cap, and balance act is not passed", Republicans won't raise the debt ceiling.

I now hear that the Republicans want to pass a balanced budget amendment. Can you imagine that. The Republicans want a balanced budget amendment. The Republicans would only cut the poor, and give to the rich. Cut, cap, and balance? Cut, cap, and balance. The Republicans said that Obama doesn't have a plan, well it seems like the Republicans don't have a plan. They have a title: Cut, cap, and balance. Cut jobs, then once they cut the people they want to cut, then they cap the jobs so that certain people won't be hired or rehired, then try to balance the budget at the expense of the poor. That would only mean the Republicans would have a constitutional amendment that would allow the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. A balanced budget would only allow the Republicans to discriminate against me more. A balanced budget amendment would only allow the Republicans to violate my Human Rights more. A balanced budget amendment would only allow the Republicans to violate my Civil Rights more. I hope the Democrats don't fall for this trick. I hope the Democrats don't fall for such deceit. I now hear the Republicans want to hold President hostage. The Republicans won't raise the debt ceiling unless the President agree to a balanced budget amendment. Yes, the President is being held hostage to pass a balanced budget amendment. And yes, Clinton had a surplus. During Clinton's era there was also low unemployment. Then there was the Bush tax cuts. Oops, loss of jobs. Oops, high unemployment. And now, during this era of a Republican Congress, and the extension of the rich getting our Social Security funds. If you all were serious about a balanced budget you would not do as Clinton said, but you would do as he did during his presidency.

I often hear the Republicans say, "cuts are what the people want". Not true. The people do not want jobs cut. The people do not want Social Security cut. The people do not want Medicare cut.

Cut, cap, and balance is not plan. Did the Republicans say what they would cut? Of course not. Well, if you don't know what they would cut let me tell you. They would cut jobs. Which would mean greater unemployment. Which would mean more foreclosures.

As we know African Americans are disproportionately unemployed. The cut, cap, and balance act would only cut more African American workers.

The cut, cap, and balance act is not a plan. If so, what is the plan? What do the Republicans plan on cutting? They never said what they would cut. They left that blank, and want Obama to make the cuts then blame the cuts and problem on Obama. Every time Obama gives an inch, the Republicans take a mile.

I hear that Republicans have attacked the 14th Amendment. I heard one Republican say the attack is because of foreigners who enter the United States and have babies on U.S. soil. That Republican said that baby should not be a U.S. citizen. Well, that baby is a citizen, and rightfully so, and that does not make the parent a citizen. If necessary send the parent back. It is just an attack on the 14th amendment.

I even hear that Sarah Palin might run for president. I recall that on her web-site, she had a map that targetted certain states with bull's eyes. One of the bull's eyes was on the state of Arizona. As we all know, Arizona is the state of Gabrielle Giffords. And a guy by the name of Jared Lee Loughner attempted to assassinate the Representative after seeing the targetted map on Palin's web-site. Palin removed the bull's eyes, and the Republicans silenced the issue. The Republicans are now covering up the bull's eye issue. They are covering up the fact that Loughner ever saw the bull's eye. How can she even think about running for president. How can Republicans even support her? I guess Republicans can get away with anything. Only the Republicans would allow one of their candidates to do such a thing.


Rick Scott was fraudulently elected, and he owes his allegiance to John Ellis Bush. As a consequence, Jeb Bush is not only running the country, he is also running the State of Florida. As a consequence, there are economic problems in Florida. There are layoffs in Florida. Rick Scott even accepted a stimulus payment from Obama, and the state of Florida is still in a state of high unemployment. What's happening in Florida can not be blamed on Obama. The blame falls directly on John Ellis Bush, Rick Scott and the Republican Party. The deficit in Florida is intentionally caused by the Jeb Bush and the Republican Party. They get their tax cut while others get job cuts.

Of cours, John Ellis Bush wants me to be one of the first ones to be layed off. If you don't know I, Frederick Bryant also sued the Federal government in 1988, 1998, and 2002.

I am requesting that this paper be put in the Congressional Record.

The Repulicans say they will not raise taxes. In the state of Florida, Rick Scott ordered public employees, including teachers, to contribute 3% of their salaries to their pension. It equates to a decrease in salary; an undercover way to raise taxes.

I have also discrimination by the Republican Party in the Child support division of the state. My case has been closed and Katherine Fernandez Rundle still wants me to pay child support. She still wants me to pay even though I have completed my payments. I have asked for a hearing and she refuses to hear me. Isn't that racist. I requested that the child support division dismiss the order which required me to pay beyond closure. I recently received a letter from the child support division saying that I missed a court date. I never received a notice for a court date. The state attorney's office claims that when my daughter was eighteen, they stopped taking payments out of my paycheck, even though my daughter was still in school. But the state's computer calculated that I had completed my payments. What Katherine Fernandez Rundle is trying to cover up is that every year, I paid an extra $400 a year, and that actually I paid more than what would have been required to pay until her graduation. The computer closed the case, and the case is still closed, but Katherine Fernandez wants me to pay beyond..As a result, I am asking for a hearing. I want Katherine Fernandez Rundle to stop harassing me.

The State of Florida is also discriminating against public schools. John Ellis Bush and the Republican are intentionally discriminating against Florida A&M University. Intentionally defunding the University. Raising tuition and other cost. The reason they say is to make the costs equitable to other states. Actually their purpose is to make a university education at FAMU inaccessible and unaffordable. And what schools will be hurt the most; predominately Black schools, and FAMU in particular. The real reason is that it is an under cover way to discriminate against FAMU in particular. For years now, the Republicans have attempted to closed the doors of Florida A&M University.

Charter schools, and vouchers take funds away public schools. They are an undercover way to take funds from public schools.

Florida Board of Governors

To the Board of Governors, I would like to know how much in funding has been cut from each public university. I would imagine funds have been cut from FAMU disproportionately. The next thing you know, we'll hear that FAMU's accreditation is being threatened. Why? Because of cuts. I even hear the state is going to build three new universities. Where is that money coming from? You mean to tell me, that you cut funds from FAMU, and give that money to others. Absurb!

Dr. Ammons
Honorable Sir, I want to complement you, for the job you have done in spite of the cuts you have been given. Since you have been President the cuts have been coming hard and heavy. The cuts are intentional. I only hope for the best. I recently complained to you that the coaches are not visiting the Miami-Dade area, although you never responded, I hope you and the coaches at FAMU can have a better relationship with the Miami-Dade Alumni Association. I am not writing this letter in the name of the Alumni Association, I am writing this letter as a personal desire. A personal desire to establish a better relationship with you, and with the coaching staff at FAMU. And by no means am I excluding academics. Maybe one day I can invite some members of the various coaching staffs to Miami-Dade to get better acquainted with members of the Miami-Dade Alumni Association.

Dade County Public Schools

I, Frederick Bryant, have also been a victim of discrimination by the Dade County Public School system. During the 2010-2011 school year, I taught, U.S. History; World History; Economics, and American Government. Since I was teaching four different subjects, I should have been compensated. When I complained to the school board about it, the Superintendant - Alberto Carvalho - and the principal - Cynthia Garcia Valdez - made some changes. The U.S. History class I had was taken away from me, and given to some else. I should have been compensated for the work I did, but I never was. The U.S. History class was replaced with a World History class, therefore I no longer taught four different subjects. But, I still had six classes. One more than a full time teacher. It was made to seem as if I had five classes. Two classes were put together. I taught Economics and American Government during the same hour. Two classes at once. Is that a law that the Republicans promoted? Well, let me tell you how it is discriminatory. Even though I taught more than five classes, I only got credit for teaching five classes. Someone else (Lazo) who only had three classes got credit for the extra work that I did. Slavery! Current day slavery! Not only did he get paid as a full-time teacher, while only having three classes, he was also paid supplements, even though he was not working as a full time teacher. I should be compensated for teacher those extra classes.

It just goes to show that merit pay can be discriminatory. If an administrator likes someone more than the administrator likes someone else, that administrator can cause one to be denied merit pay. The School Board claims it does not have money to pay teachers according to steps/seniority. Of course, the Republican Party wanted to go to the merit pay system for years. So what did the Republican Party do? Denied steps! Teachers could not get raise. The only way teachers could possibly get money money was for the union to acquiese to merit pay. If there was money for merit pay, there was money for steps all along. Republicans were holding funds and teachers hostage until they got things there way.

To: Representative Ileana Ross-Lehtinen. I recall you visited the School that I worked at (Young Men's Academy for Academic and Civic Development at MacArthur South). Thanks for the booklets. We did use them. Well I don't know if I'll be working there next year; the superintendent and the principal may have eliminated my teaching job. And they have tried to say that I am the one with the least seniority. When in all actuallity I am not. I and another teacher of the same subject area got there the same year. Actually they are covering up the fact that the records show that I have more time than they want to give me credit for.

Therefore, because of discrimination, I may not be employed. As a result of cuts by the state, my job may be cut. I need a job. Do any of you have any positions available? Please hire me.

Any way I asked for a transfer, because I currently drive 35 miles one way to work, and 35 miles to return home; a total of 70 miles a day. I have done that for two years. As a consequence I asked for a hardship transfer. Doesn't seem like I'll get one. Seems like the only thing they want for me is to be cut.

Under John Ellis Bush the Republican Party at the federal level, the state level, and the local level have conspired against me.

I know that my phone had been tapped by Republicans. The used all kinds of excuses to justify the tap. The fact of the matter is that the purpose of the tap was to violate my human rights and my civil rights. I want to know 'is my phone still tapped'?

Please give me an address for John Ellis Bush, also known as Jeb Bush.

I know this is a lot of information for some of you to absorb, but I don't have the luxury of sitting in a congressional office, getting paid, and making laws that discriminate and violate human rights and civil rights.

With this lawsuit I am calling for restitution of $1 million. The government can not say it does not have it, because if it can pay for a tax cut for the rich, then it can pay to correct the violations of my Human Rights; it can pay for violations of my Civil Rights.

In conslusion:

Frederick Bryant
P.O. Box 1291
Miami, FL 33238-1291
ph: (305)281-9658
e-mail: fbryant@nigerpublishing.com
web-site: www.nigerpublishing.com
July 25, 2011

Copies sent to:
U.S. President Barack Obama
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden

U.S. Senators:
Michael Bennet; Barbara Boxer; Kay Hagan; Herb Kohl; Bob Menendez; Bill Nelson; Harry Reid; Charles Schumer.

U.S. Representatives: Xavier Bacerra; Emanuel Cleaver; John Conyers, Jr.; Norman Dicks; Donna Edwards; Barney Frank; John Garamedi; Al Green; Alcee Hastings; Jim Himes; Chris Van Hollen; Steny Hoyer; Steve Israel; John Larson; Sheila Jackson-Lee; Barbara Lee; Ileana Ross-Lehtinen; John Lewis; David Markey; George Miller; Nancy Pelosi; Charles Rangel; Cedric Richmond; Bobby Rush; Loretta Sanchez; Debbie Wasserman Schultz; Paul Tonko; Frederica Wilson; John Yarmuth.

Florida Senators:
Arthenia L. Joyner

Florida Representatives:
Dennis K. Baxley; Oscar Braynon, Jr.; Dwight Bullard; Janet Cruz ; Evan Jenne; John Patrick Julien; Scott Randolph; Gwyn Clarke-Reed; Darryl Erka Rouson; Cynthia Stafford; Richard L. Steinberg; Ron Saunders; Rep. Dwayne Taylor; Geri F. Thompson; Alan B. Williams; Frederica Wilson.

U.S. Attorney General: Eric Holder

United States Federal Reserve System: Ben Bernanke

State Attorney: Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Florida Board of Governors: J.Stanley Marshall; Frank T. Martin; Ava L. Parker; Gerard Robinson.

Florida A&M University:
Dr. James Ammons

Miami-Dade County Public Schools:
Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall; Carlos L. Curbelo; Renier Diaz de la Portilla; Lawrence S. Feldman; Perla Tabares Hantman; Wilbert Holloway; Martin S. Karp; Marta Perez; Raquel A. Regalado; Alberto M. Carvalho

United Teachers of Dade: Karen Aronowitz; Fedrick Ingram

NAACP: Roslyn M. Brock

John Ellis Bush; Al Sharpton; Alex Sink; Richard Trumka; H.T. Smith, J.D.; Oprah Winfrey; Spike Lee;

I have been unable to acquire the mailing address of John Ellis Bush. If someone would give me his address, I would highly appreciate it. If you don't want to give it to me, then you may mail him a copy of this complaint to him, and inform me that he received a copy.

Frederick Bryant