FAMU's Band Suspended

Members of Florida A&M University's marching band have been charged with felony hazing.

Members of FAMU's marching band have been charged with felony hazing. Excuse me, the charges were upgraded to manslaughter!

Ryan Dean provided a signed statement to Orange County prosecutors. In his statement he implicated LaSherry Codner, and Benjamin McNamee among others. As a result a result of his cooperation, Dean received a probationary, community service sentence for his role.

Dean stated that he himself had been previously haze to be a "part of the group".

There are two notable out-takes on that particular aspect of his comments.

The state prosecutors have elevated the charges from felony hazing to manslaughter. The state has elevated the charges because of FAMU. For many years John Ellis (Jeb) Bush and his gang have been out to get me and as a result to get FAMU. As we know Jeb Bush was a staunch supporter of Rick Scott.As we know the state prosecutors work for Rick Scott, and Rick Scott owes his allegiance to Jeb Bush. As a result the state prosecutors were ordered to elevate the charges.

This case should never have been elevated to manslaughter. But because it is FAMU it was elevated to manslaughter. It was hazing, pure and simple.

The death of Robert Champion was very unfortunate, and a while back I extended my condolences, but the fact remains - this case should be nothing more than hazing; if that.

Frederick Bryant
April 7, 2013