Gay Marriage?

On Wednesday, June 2, 2014, in the courtroom of Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel, a hearing pertaining to the legalization of gay marriage in Dade and Broward Counties convened. The courtroom was packed with those in support of gay marriage, and those against gay marriage. A second courtroom had to be opened to accommodate the overflow, and the second courtroom overflowed, but I managed to have a seat in the second courtroom.

The hearing was supposed to start at 3:00pm, but did not start until approximately 4:10pm. I stayed until approximately 5:00, at which time the hearing was still going on.

Today is Friday, June 3, the day after, I found out that no decision was made the previous day.

A decision is pending. If no decision is made as a result of the hearing the issue will have to go beyond a hearing, and to a full blown case.

To be, or not to be.

Frederick Bryant
June 3, 2014