Man-made Oil Eruption (Spill)
in the
Gulf of Mexico

As most of you may be aware by now, there was a man-made oil eruption in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP convinced the media and the government to call it the worst oil spill in United States history. What they don't want to tell you is that as it continued, it went beyond the worst oil spill in U.S. history, and became the worst oil spill (man-made oil eruption), in the history of the earth up to now.

It is amazing that there are some who have tried to blame the oil spill on President Obama. When President Obama first entered office as president, he was not in favor of off shore drilling. But because of pressure from members of the Republican Party, Obama finally acquiesced to more off-shore oil drilling. Then when the man-made eruption occurred, Republican legislators wanted to blame Obama.

But as you know, the previous president was an oil magnate with close ties to the oil industry, and he lifted the ban on off shore drilling; and of course Republican legislators concurred. As a result oversight and or regulation of off shore drilling was lax. As a result, overseers such as MMS had a cozy, lax relationship with the oil companies. But the Republicans want to blame the spill on Obama.

Republican officials called for less regulation, and wanted less regulation, and that is what they got on the oil rig - Deep Water Horizon.

Frederick Bryant
August 10, 2010
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