The Jewish Museum of Florida

On January 23, I attended a workshop at the Jewish Museum of Florida. It is a wonderful museum. Full of history.

The museum exudes peace, regardless of one's race, creed or color.

I would recommend it as a historical place to visit.

Following is a lesson plan, pictures and some of the work that my group did while at the workshop at the museum.

My workshop group.

Benchmark: SS.912.A.In.A - Identify the major causes and consequences of the U.S. Civil War.

We did a project of how different cultures connected with one another.

Our project dealt with the consequences of the Civil War. We constructed a scene that tells of a southern family that left the south after the Civil War because of the condition of the south. A family that left the south and went to Europe because of the destruction of the south.

Frederick Bryant
February 4, 2012