Florida Legislature

Rubio: Petition for more tax cuts

House Speaker Rubio talks about the recent special session and his plans for new property tax cuts.

Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio pays almost $13,000 in taxes on his West Miami home. Wow, what is the value of his house? It seems as if Rubio wants the tax cut for his self because I surely would not benefit from the tax cut. Rubio has said, he can afford the tax, but there are those who can not. If Rubio pays that much in taxes, I wonder how much his house is worth. And as a state Representative, what is his salary? Questions that should be public knowledge.

President Bush recently commented on the housing market. He made a comment concerning fraudulent lenders. He also made a comment about fraudulent buyers. Bush made a statement to the effect that if the buyer can not afford the house, he or she should not buy it.

Education would not benefit from his tax. Students will not benefit from his tax cut. As a matter of fact Rubio would receive a tax cut, and children will receive education cuts.

Rubio stated, he started a campaign to reform the property tax system to avoid a possible recession in Florida. It is amazing, Floridians could not get meaningful insurance relief. It's amazing, Floridians could not get meaningful gas relief. Either there is going to be a recession in Florida or there is not going to be a recession in Florida, with or without property tax cuts.

Another thing to ponder is that the property tax cut is discriminatory and leads to more discrimination. First, some will receive a tax cut, while others will not. Actually the property tax of some will increase.

Secondly, the discrimination will be passed down to the municipalities. Municipal cuts will be made in a discriminatory manor. The discrimination can even be selective. For example, the government can use the tax cut to discriminate against a certain individual.

This tax can be called legal discrimination. This is a form of covert discrimination. It reminds me of the poll taxes that occurred in the United States at the turn of the 20th century.

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Frederick Bryant
December 28, 2007

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