School Board Meeting
September 2012



Two years ago, I requested a hardship transfer. Two years later I get surplused. I was told that the person with the least amount of seniority would be surplused. Well with me it was just the reverse, for I am the one with the most seniority in my department at MacArthur South. As a result I would like to have information detailing the amount of time that each person in my department has accumulated. What has occurred is an injustice, an act of discrimination.

I have heard that a number of people have been surplused. I also know that a number of people have been placed. I went to one school (Edison Senior High) and was told that someone was already placed there. I am also aware of others who have been placed, such as Kim Charles, who was placed at Brownsville Middle School. Therefore, teachers have been placed, but when it comes to me it is a different story. Even the Office of Staffing has given me different stories.

I am currently teaching a class. We have a class at MacArthur South that does not have an assigned teacher. There is money alloted for that class. Where is that money going? The money is going to supplements for others. Others are getting supplements from the work I am doing. That amounts to slavery in 2012.

These acts against are conspiracies, that emanate from the top of the Republican Party.

As I said, I requested a transfer 2 years ago, instead I got surplused. I would still like a transfer. I can be surplused, without havin to drive so far.

In conclusion:

1. I would like a report on the number of years each person in Social Studies has accumulated.

2. I have a class, but the money for that class is going to others. That is slavery.

3. People with less time than I have been placed.

3. Since I am surpused I can be surplused at another school to satisfy a hardship transfrer.

Frederick Bryant
September 5, 2012

Ms. Perla Tabares Hantman - Chair
Dr. Lawrence S. Feldman - Vice
Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mendingall
Mr. Carlos L. Curbelo
Mr. Renier Diaz de la Portilla
Dr. Wilbert T. Holloway
Dr. Martin S. Karp
Dr. Marta Perez
Ms. Raquel A. Regalado

Alberto Carvalho