$85 billion across the board cuts woll take effect on Friday, March 1, 2013.

Senator Harry Reid would support letting the sequester occur if Republicans don't agree to increasing taxes. Well, the Republicans will not agree to raising taxing.

Isn't that amazing Democrats had the opportunity to raise taxes, but President Obama was so afraid of going over the so called "fiscal cliff", that he would not let the Bush tax cuts expire.

It's amazing; Democrats are now talking about raising taxes, but when they had the opportunity, by going over the fiscal cliff, they did not.

If the government would have gone over the so called fiscal cliff, the Democrats would have gotten their revenue, and the government would not have waited until the last hour to come to an agreement.

And now, with sequestration, the Republican Party is getting what it wants. The Republicans want to decrease the deficit by spending cuts alone. It seems the Republicans will get their wish with sequestration. The only thing that Republicans may not be happy with is cuts to the military, if there are cuts to the military.

The Democrats had a chance to prevent a sequester, by going over the fiscal cliff, but Obama's myopic vision, did not let that happen.

Now the Democrats claim they want more revenue, well, they had the chance and blew it. When they had the chance, their leader President Obama feared a so called "fiscal cliff".

Now the Democrats will be going over a different fiscal cliff alone.

Frederick Bryant
February 27, 2013