Vouchers and Charter Schools

Vouchers and charter schools are covert methods of discrimination. Vouchers and charter schools allow officials to give public funds to private schools while denying funds to public schools.

Right now in the state of Florida, teachers are being denied a raise. 800 teachers have been cut from the payroll. Yet and still, although officials say, 'there is no money for public schools', they turn right around and say there is money for vouchers and private schools. In this way officials can even be selective in which schools are denied funding. This leads to selective discrimination. Meaning that officials can pick and choose which schools to deny funding, and which individuals to deny raises.

And when individuals are denied raises, a group or groups of individuals may be denied raises to make it seem as if there is no discrimination. Therefore, the officials may even make a whole group suffer to cause one to suffer, to make it seem as if there is no discrimination. Discrimination just the same!

Even people like U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, and New York City Mayor Michael Booomberg can be deceived into believing vouchers and charter schools are the right thing to do.

Everyone is not fooled however. For instance outgoing Florida House Minority Leader Dan Gelber has expressed his concerns and the negative effects vouchers and charter schools would have on public education.

Frederick Bryant
July 11, 2008