Gasoline Prices

It has come to my attention, that the Republican Party is blaming the Democratic Party for the hike in gasoline prices.

Isn't that absurd. But the amazing part about it is that the Democratic Party is letting the Republican Party get away with it.

Who controls the gas prices in the United States. The Republicans do. It's amazing, the Republicans raise gas prices, and then blame it on Democrats, and actually get away with it. It seems as if the Democrats don't know what's going. It seems as if the Democrats are brain dead.

When the gas prices went up, it was said that it was because of speculation of what was going on in the Middle East, in particular in Iran. Therefore, the conclusion is that the oil barons are really the ones who caused the oil prices to rise. And who are these oil barons. I would think they are Republicans and Republican Party supporters. For example, the Koch brothers. For example Haliburton. And don't forget, Dick Chaney was on the payroll of Haliburton. And don't forget the $20,000,000 payout that Chaney received when he resigned from Haliburton. And don't forget all the Texas barons who benefit.

The truth of the matter is that the Republicans are causing gas prices to rise and are reaping huge profits. And some of those same profits are going into the Republican campaign chest.

The Republicans are the cause of the rise in gas prices, and blame it on Democrats and Democrats seem to be willing to take the blame.

Frederick Bryant
April 1, 2012