Susan Rice
chooses to be withdrawn
as a choice for
Secretary of State

Response to
Dewayne Wickham

Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration for the position of Secretary of State.

Some believe she withdrew her name because as columnist DeWayne Wickham put it in an editorial, "she was harangued from consideration" by Senator John McCain, R-Arizona, and Senator Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina. In the same editorial Dewayne Wickham also stated, "Obama should not let this happen", referring to Rice withdrawing her name.

I beg to differ with Wickham's ideology that Rice was harangue from consideration. You see she did not have to withdrew her name, she could have made a stand for justice, and righteousness, that is, if she was on the side of justice, and righteousness.

Wickham alsostated that "Obama shouldn't let this happen". Obama did not let it happen. Rice let it happen. Why should Obama stand for her, when she would not stand for herself?

Wickham also said that the Rice incident "conjures up memories of Lani Guinier". But there is a difference between in the cases. Gunier was withdrawn by Clinton. Rice withdrew her own name.

Frederick Bryant
January 4, 2012