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To All Listed,

As most of you know, last school year (2010-2011), I complained about unfairness at my work-site. This is a new school year, and the same form of unfairness and injustice has developed.

A full-time teacher has five classes. Last year, I complained that I had seven classes without a financial supplement for the extra classes. The administration covered up the fact by putting three classes together to make it seem like it was one class. As a consequence I taught more than the required number of classes for a full-time teacher, and did not get paid for it. As a matter of fact, although I did the work, someone else got paid for the extra work that I did. That person only had three classes. Not only did that person not work a full-time teaching schedule, but that person was paid for a full-time position, and also received addition pay in the form of a supplement. That someone else was Hispanic American; so was the principal and the assistant principal. Since I was doing the work and someone else was getting paid for it, it was a form of slavery; 21st century style.

This school year (2011-2012), I have received the class schedule for Social Studies. It says " Master Schedule", but it is not a master schedule, it is a Social Studies schedule.

The same thing is occurring again. One difference is the person getting the credit for my extra work this school year is an
African American. Not only does this person have only one Social Studies class, not a full time load, he is getting paid for a
full-time load, and he is getting additional pay in the form of a supplement. The fact that he is African American and I am African-American does not make it right. The fact that he is African American and I am African American does not justify what happened last year, and does not justify what is happening this year. What is occurring now is something that occurred during slavery. The making of a house-Negro and a field-Negro. Well I guess I've been made a field Negro, but that does not mean that I accept injustice.

Last year I asked for a transfer because of the number of miles I had to travel to work daily, but I also wanted a transfer to get out of an unjust situation. This year is the same. I want to not have to drive so far, and I want to get out of an unjust situation.

Frederick Bryant
August 11, 2011

Copies sent to:

U.S. Attorney General: Eric Holder
U.S. Senator: Bill Nelson
U.S. Representatives: Ileana Ross-Lehtinen; Frederica Wilson
Florida Senator: Larcenia Bullard
Florida Representatives: Dwight Bullard; Cynthia Stafford
Miami-Dade County School Board Members: Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mendingall; Mr. Carlos Curbelo;
Mr. Reneier Diaz de la Portilla; Dr. Lawrence Feldman; Ms. Perla Tabares Hantman; Dr. Wilbert Holloway;
Dr. Martin S. Karp; Dr. Marta Perez; Ms. Raquel A. Regala
Miami-Dade County Schools Superintendent: Alberto M. Carvalho